Cait is skilled and certified in the art of safely posing and photographing newborn babies in her Rosemère photo studio. The studio has a variety of hand made props to customize your session to your taste.

The best time time to have your baby photographed is around days 6-14 old. Limited due dates reservations are available per week.

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Fabulous photos from a fabulous photographer

5.0 rating

Cait was professional but easygoing – the perfect combination for our newborn photo session. We felt comfortable when we had to pause and take a break to nurse and change a diaper, but still confident knowing that she was getting all the best shots.

Renée Morisson

Would definitely recommend

5.0 rating

From the beginning of the session to the end, we felt very comfortable. Cait sure knows how to work with babies and is very patient. Would definitely recommend.

Sarah Bieme

Beautiful Photos!

5.0 rating

Cait was fantastic with little Emil! She carefully and efficiently created beautiful, artistic poses.

Thomas Nifong

Amazingly comfortable working with babies!

4.0 rating

We appreciated how relaxed Cait was. She is so comfortable with babies, we were in awe with how she posed our baby and managed to do so many different set ups.

Julia Garland