Have you heard abut the “Plan to Eat” App yet?!

So, mealtime is not my forté.

It actually completely stresses me out. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but what I hate most is having to go through all my recipes planned for the week and write out the shopping list only to realize I forgot certain items on the list when I get home.

It’s busy enough with kids and work, so Plan to Eat has been a lifesaver for us and my sanity.

You can upload recipes from your favorite blogs on Pins which are imported and sorted. Next you drag and drop your recipes on the calendar and then once you are done planning you go to the third tab where a grocery list has been made for you. Print it or just bring you phone and open the app when you get to the store and check off the ingredients in the app as you go.

Seriously it’s that easy.

I sound like an infomercial but you have no idea how much stress this has saved me! lol

Go check it out here – it’s a yearly subscription so you don’t have to worry about getting charged every month.


I would love to know what some of your favorite recipes are! Feel free to post below!

Check out behind the scenes as I use the Plan to Eat App!


Oh and here are some of my favorite recipes :

Southwest Roasted Potato Salad

Greek Watermelon Feta Salad

Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken and Potatoes


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