Newborn photography is very challenging, and not a single session of mine has been the same. It is important to follow the baby’s lead and make them as happy and comfortable as possible. Although we cannot plan and predict exactly how things are going to go, here are a few useful tips to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.


1.Plan to feed your baby just before the session, if it can wait until you are in studio right before we start to shoot this is best. It’s normal and expected to stop and feed the baby during the session, but getting a good feed in beforehand will make for a happier baby and will allow us maximum shooting time. Snacks are available in the studio for parents during the session.

2.Dress your baby in loose fit pyjama, (zip up or button down) so that if your baby is still sleeping upon arrival, there will be less of a fuss getting him/her prepped for pictures.

3.Your baby will be most comfortable if he is in a warm environment. I keep my studio toasty warm prior to newborn sessions. I suggest that parents bring a light clothing option to wear while waiting for baby to be photographed, and a second options to wear for family photos.

4.This is an important time in your life, make sure you put some time aside for yourself before the session to feel as comfortable and confident as possible. This goes for mum and dad! As far as clothing goes, keep it simple. You are welcome to use a bit of colour but avoid busy patterns.  Let me know if you would like some skin on skin shots with dad, or any breastfeeding photos with mum.

5.Accidents happen! Don’t worry; I have all the supplies readily available to clean up any messes.

6.While I will be supplying props for the baby, including a sentimental item in your session can really personalize your pictures. For example something knit by a family member or a stuffed animal given to your baby.

7. Newborn sessions can take between 2-4 hours. Be prepared to take things slow and don’t stress if baby starts crying and needs a break.

8. Relax! Babies can pick up on stress and anxiety, especially from their mums. Chances are high that there are going to be moments where your baby cries during the session, maybe even a lot. I plan for about 50% of the session time for cuddles, feeding and just getting baby into a pose.  So don’t panic if your baby is having a tough time, keeping a calm environment is key to getting the photos we’re looking for, your babe is in good hands!

9. A mother’s smell is so recognizable to a baby, and it may be necessary for myself of a partner to rock baby get baby thinking sweet sleepy dreams, instead of hungry “Where’s my milk?” dreams. I am a mother of two and have done lots of rocking, and am also trained and certified to handle and pose newborns.

10.Little brothers and sisters are welcome to participate in the sessions – please communicate with me if you plan on including other family members in the session. Come prepared to have a parent take the older child for a walk or that you bring some quiet activities for the older child to do after the family photos are taken in the beginning of the session. 


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