Montreal Newborn Photographer Cait Lemieux

It is so completely strange to see myself in a position to coach, influence and inspire others. But then I realize it’s not.

I simply got disconnected with who I truly was, who is someone with a deep desire to help and make a difference in the lives of others.

We get so caught up in competition, in MONEY, in our fears, and in our own tunnel vision of what life is that we rob ourselves from opportunities from making amazing connections, friendships and from the feeling of being fully authentically expressed in our lives.

In other words, our best selves.

When I look at this woman in the photos I see someone who has gone through A LOT. I am proud of her. She pushed past her fear of judgement, of failure and her imposter syndrome – I mean who I am to think I can run a successful business from home make my own schedule and get paid to snuggle babies?! But guess what I DID IT! Though I had many setbacks, and I need people to know that. Comparison is a thief of joy and possibility in your life.

So despite the years of negative self talk, and doubt I can truly say that I LOVE MY LIFE and I LOVE my breakdowns through it all. We are SOO afraid of failing and it stops us from living a life that is truly authentically ours! I got super present to that this year and through being in fearless action I’ve created THIS…. This amazing mess of a life that I love with all it’s flaws and imperfections, because it is authentically ME.

So what’s next? I’m ready to be that difference for others and have been inviting so many amazing women into my life including an amazing assistant and intern!

Through my experience with her and a few other amazing women I have started my coaching practice for overwhelmed women in biz (Rise Mama Movement – Empowering Women to Rise in Biz and in Life) and not because I have to – but because this empowering feeling I have experienced since going through extensive coaching is too good to keep to myself.

If you are feeling less than powerful in your biz / life reach out for a quick chat and let’s see how I can help!

Love & Light,


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