6 Tips On Dressing For Family Portraits

  Avoid white/black t-shirt and jeans – The only time I would suggest wearing a plain black or white shirt and jeans, is for newborn photos. In newborn photos when you wear a solid black or white, you become more or less a backdrop for the baby and the focus...

Top 10 Tips for Parents – Newborn photo session

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture irreplaceable first moments with your little one. It is important to follow the baby’s lead and make them as happy and comfortable as possible. Although we cannot plan and predict exactly how things are going to go,...

Maternity Photography Montreal | Tips Tricks and Advice

Having your maternity photos done is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Knowing that you have a beautiful baby growing inside you, and the excitement goes with it shows up on camera. That famous glow! Not every woman thinks she has it, but I...

When to Book Your Newborn Session? | Montreal Newborn Photographer

So your baby has finally arrived and you've taken tons of photos on your cell phone - but they just aren't cutting it. It dawns on you! This is a once and a lifetime moments, she will never be this small again. Oh gosh! Will I find a photographer this last minute?!...

Montreal Photography Studio Tour – Welcome to Cait Lemieux Photography

A sneak peek at the Montreal newborn photography studio. Dozens of props to choose from in a cozy comfortable and family friendly environment. In our boutique studio you take the time with Cait customizing your session using the props and colours of your choice to...
Indoor Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Indoor Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Stuck in the house? I’ve got a great project for you and the kids! I have never met a child who doesn’t love taking photos. My kids love using our old point and shoot cameras from back in the day where Smartphones weren’t the go to for photos.

On rainy days I love giving my kids a chance to get creative with shots. At first it was all about the time – trying to get all the items photographed on the list as quick as possible. Then the next time it was getting all the photos in focus. Now we’ve moved into who can be the most creative and create the best composition.

There are lots of way to get creative by switching up the goal or the items being photographed!

After your kids complete the project, surprise them by PRINTING their images! They can help you make a scrapbook, choose to frame their favorite ones or you could even put together a cool collage.

If you’d like a scavenger hunt great for kids starting as early as 4 years old, fill out the form below and I’ll email the printable PDF right to your inbox!

Where will your images be 20 years from now?

Where will your images be 20 years from now?

The kind of image that I look at and think yep that’s the moment….

The moment in 20 years from now this Mama is still going to be emotionally connected to, and the image that will bring her right back. These are also the type of images I highly encourage my clients to print, and to print professionally! I’m proud to use a professional lab that prints using archival inks and laminating which make sure that your memories will remain the same quality for my clients lifetime and beyond!

This is what it’s all about and why I keep being inspired almost over 7 years later!

Cait Lemieux – The Mum, Photographer and Chocoholic!

Cait Lemieux – The Mum, Photographer and Chocoholic!

Cait here! Getting REAL!

I realized something yesterday. And it hit hard. I’ve been making this whole motherhood thing way more serious and way harder on myself than it has to be….

The truth is motherhood is TOUGH, it’s full of self-doubt…. BUT it’s also incredibly empowering and FUN and fulfilling. It’s taught me resilience, strength and patience. It’s made me the giving and compassionate woman I am today. It also showed me a love so big I could have never ever imagined.

So stop for a moment today and celebrate all your WINS and strength and just step back and you’ll see that despite it all…. this motherhood thing is pretty amazing so let’s quit taking this whole thing so seriously and GO have a laugh with our kiddos!

About Cait

Welcome!! My name is Caitlin and I am a montreal-based photographer, specializing in newborn, maternity and family portraits.